Duo Mermer
In addition to our sales of block marble, slab marble and cut-to-size marble, we bring together kitchen and bathroom sinks, kitchen and bathroom countertops made of natural stones into your dream living spaces with our professional team.
Duo Marble: The Ultimate Touch of Luxury and Elegance
Combining our more than fifteen years of experience in the natural stone industry in 2021, we continue to serve in our industry as Duo Marble under our own name.

Time is a precious treasure for everyone. With this awareness, we always continue our work with the understanding of minimum energy and maximum efficiency. In this way, efficiency is obtained from time and performance both for our customers and for our company structure.


Our company, which takes care to meet customer needs in the best way, always shapes its work according to customer requests. We work synchronously to adapt the needs of our customers to their wishes, so we produce products that stand out both in design and functionality.


We are a family with an honest business understanding, as we put forward quality works. Our company, which prioritizes business ethics, carries out its business within the framework of transparent values.

Marble Decorative Products and Washbasins

Complementary marble products for your original designs: sinks and bathroom sets for elegant and stylish bathrooms, original and auxiliary decorative products for your kitchen and living rooms.

Natural Stones

Natural stones, one of the indispensable building materials of architecture, are of high quality and to the desired extent; You can choose from our marble-travertine and special stone groups as block-slab and cut-to-size.

Kitchen- Bathroom Cabinets and Furniture Groups

Furniture groups consisting of comfortable, comfortable and aesthetic designs for all living spaces in your home.

Quartz Kitchen Sinks

Colorful-scratch proof and long-lasting kitchen sinks, which are among the indispensable details of modern kitchens.

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