Natural stones, which are almost a gift of nature to us, have managed to take place in the center of daily life since ancient times. Natural stones, which have always been one of the main focal points of architecture and art, have gained an indispensable dimension in this field with each passing century. So much so that, despite the incredible development of technology, there is almost no building today that does not bear the traces of natural stones. It has been used for centuries as a building material, thanks to its easy-to-process and durable structure.

Doğanın bizlere adeta armağanı olan doğal taşlar Antik tarihlerden bugüne gündelik hayatın merkezinde yer almayı başarmışlardır. Her daim mimarinin ve sanatın ana odak noktalarından biri olan doğal taşlar bu alanda her geçen yüzyıl vazgeçilmez bir boyut kazanmıştır. Öyle ki teknoloji inanılmaz boyutlarda gelişmesine rağmen günümüzde doğal taşların izlerini taşımayan bir bina neredeyse yok gibidir. Kolay işlenebilir ve dayanıklı yapısı sayesinde yapı malzemesi olarak yüzyıllardır kullanılmaktadır.

Properties of Natural Stones

• With its homogeneous and attractive appearance, it is also preferred for decorative purposes.
• Natural stones, which can be shaped according to the wishes of the user, are a multi-purpose material that can be used in all areas.
• It is possible to collect natural stones, which have a long life with their aesthetic and durable appearance, under two main groups as marble and travertine.


Marble stones are a natural stone that has been actively used since the ancient Egyptian history and the Roman empire. Although these stones were used in high-class buildings such as royalty in the past, marble stones are used in almost every building today and both aesthetic and robust structures are made. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance and durable structure, it adds a luxurious atmosphere to the places you use it. If you are looking for a touch that will change the atmosphere of the environment in your buildings, Marble stones will be the ideal choice.


Travertine stones are another important natural stone group with many different types that you can use in your building project. Honed, Tumbled, Polished, Brushed etc. Travertine stones, which you can use on different surfaces, are a very diverse stone group in terms of workability, color and surface. They create a natural appearance as floor and wall coverings in wet and dry floors, gardens, bathrooms. You can get support from Duo Marble for travertine stones with different colors and surface treatments.

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