Special stones have been stones that have an active role in the field of construction and art for centuries. Thanks to their robust structure and aesthetic appearance, they were sometimes used to help the building stand and sometimes to change the atmosphere of the environment. The unique adventure of special stones dating back to the ancient Egyptian and Roman periods still continues today. Today, special stones are used not only in high class buildings but also in almost every project.

1. Special stones can have different qualities according to their structure and the place where they are extracted.
2. As a matter of fact, marbles with a unique pattern and color harmony in Onyx and marble quarries are classified in this group.


Marble stones have always been the pioneer of a magnificent and luxurious appearance. But did you know how effective transparent marbles can be? Onyx special stones, which are translucent, have a structure that can transmit light. This carries it to a unique place among special stones.

• If you are looking for a luxurious and magnificent atmosphere in your projects, you should definitely use Onyx details.
• It is one of the materials frequently used by interior architects and architects in projects, thanks to its different patterns and colors and its crystalline structure.


Another important special stone that we extract from our marble quarries is colored marble. Each of the colored marbles, which have patterns and colors that complement each other, also has a unique structure. Colored marbles obtained from measured and slab-shaped quarries will provide a great detail for your projects. Since it has a variety in terms of color and pattern, it is possible to use it in different ways such as tables, fireplaces, floor and wall coverings.

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