One of the most striking types among decorative natural stones is the travertine stone group. It has the potential to recreate the atmosphere you are in, both in terms of surface and structure. Honed, Tumbled, Polished, Brushed etc. It has a multi-purpose usage area with its surface in different shapes. You can use travertine natural stones, which provide diversity and aesthetic appearance in terms of color and surface, in many different parts of your projects.

Main Uses of Travertine Natural Stones:

Travertine stones can be used in many different places thanks to their natural appearance and durable long-lasting use. Here are the main uses and purposes:

• Wet and dry floors,
• For active use in gardens and for decorative purposes,
• As floor covering or wall covering on bathroom floors,
Travertine stones are actively used not only in living spaces but also in decorative products. It is possible to use it as many different products in different colors, patterns and surface structures, both in your homes where you use it as a residence, in your workplace and office.


Duo Marble, which changes the atmosphere of buildings with many different natural stones, especially travertine, is with you at every stage of your projects. Whether it is a private building, a corporate or a public institution, the most important factor that directs the appearance and atmosphere of your buildings is the walls and the floor. With these and many similar factors, you can take advantage of the power of natural stones to add a different atmosphere to your buildings. As Duo Marble, we offer you this power. You can contact us to use different natural stones in your buildings.

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