One of the most striking points in projects or buildings is undoubtedly the kitchens. Quartz sinks have always been the choice of those who want to have a different and long-lasting experience in your kitchens. If you are looking for both a luxurious touch and a useful sink in the kitchen, a quartz sink will be the ideal choice. Among other sink types, quartz sinks not only do their job, but also play a leading role in the appearance of your kitchen.

Main Features Differentiating Quartz Sinks from Other Chrome Sinks

Quartz products are resistant to high temperatures and show their true quality in the kitchen, where they can withstand the most aggressive treatments.

• Thanks to its unique structure, Quartz Sinks are fully resistant to scratches and heavy impacts, while at the same time offering maximum hygiene.
• It has a non-porous surface, so it can be easily cleaned.
• Thanks to its special structure, it prevents the growth of 99.9% bacteria and microbes (24 hours hygienic movement).
• Chemical and oil resistance, as well as high temperature resistance, ensure they stay new for years without tarnishing or staining. In addition, thanks to its different color alternatives, it makes it easier for the product to stay clean and bright for a longer time.

Thanks to the special resin used in its production, Marble Quartz Sinks are stain-proof and have an extremely high quality against scratches. Thanks to its structure and features, this type of sink is compatible with all kinds of food that does not have any negative effects on its freshness and hygiene.

Thanks to these types of features, quartz sinks are indispensable complementary details of kitchens. You can contact Duo Marble for quartz sinks suitable for all tastes with different sizes and designs.


We are happy to offer our customers a variety of quartz sink products. Our sinks, which have single and double sink models, are also available in different colors and sizes. Our sinks are the perfect choice for use in both commercial and residential kitchens, bathrooms or where high-strength surfaces are required.

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